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Being a Stay at Home Mama is My First Job

And my most important! I love my days with my girls, exploring, talking, laughing and watching them grow. It is truly the best job (and hardest!) in the world. Winter up here in Connecticut can be tough - but every other season - you will find us barefoot outside and soaking in the sun! I am a proud natural living mama and love showing off my three beautiful "blondies".

I am also the wife to my Irish love, Jason - yes, accent and all - who still makes me blush every single day. As wonderful as my family life is, it wasn’t always that way.  I was a broken woman when I met my husband.  I had become silent after a traumatic event, buried so deeply in my body, that I became very sick.

Very sick…and I healed.


"He Taught Me a New Kind of Love. My Son. My Angel Above,"
Lindsay Gibson, Just Be

Healing is Possible

I know what it’s like to feel bad…really bad.  At the age of 16, I survived a violent rape and nearly lost my life.  It left me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that inhabited my mind, body and spirit for over thirteen years. I was mentally unwell.

The traumatic effects of PTSD were debilitating. Panic attacks, flashbacks, and anxiety were daily occurrences.  Eventually, my body broke down with hypothyroidism, skin eczema, chronic fatigue, inability to lose weight, digestive issues and pain. Despite going to many doctors, nothing changed and I never thought I could heal.

Years later, another traumatic event, losing my son, Joseph, shattered my already fragile heart.  But the impact of grief also woke me up. You can read my memoir Just Be: How My Stillborn Son Taught Me to Surrender.

So I made a decision…I had to get well. I was a mom and my children depended on me. 

 I CHOSE LIFE. The journey to wellness took many trials as I continued to research why I wasn’t healing fully. I was determined to let my body heal with NATURAL sources: good, clean food, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, meditation, yoga therapy and physical exercise. 

I bounced between better and, well… not so much.

I persisted.  I wanted answers.  It was a long journey, but the answers finally came. The answers were internal, not in my mind - but in the very cells of my BODY…specifically my gut.

Yes, that’s what I said…my GUT. 


"I want to bring you back home - to yourself - where Love always resides," - Lindsay Gibson

Here’s what happens:  All toxic emotions (big or small) take up residency in your gut called the MICROBIOME.  They are little bugs that live deep  in your digestive tract. There are lots of good bugs and some bad ones. When the bad ones overwhelm your body from stress and traumas, the immune system gets compromised- and you become sick both body AND mind. Here’s the bottom line: All trauma symptoms are healed through the gut. Once I began the journey of healing my gut there was no turning back. I realized I needed extra help me and I found a way that supports that process. THIS IS CUTTING EDGE SCIENCE and simply AMAZING! I did it for me and I continue to get better every day. I BOUNCED BACK.  And if I can do it,  you can too!  And now I do it for all moms who are stressed out, depleted and have no energy. My "BOUNCE BACK MAMA” programs are designed to help you feel GREAT again.  It will help you build your RESILIENCY to meet the demands of motherhood and your work life with renewed Mental Wellness and JOY. Mama You Got This!    








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