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Being a Stay at Home Mama is My First Job

And my most important! I love my days with my girls, exploring, talking, laughing and watching them grow. It is truly the best job (and hardest!) in the world. Winter up here in Connecticut can be tough - but every other season - you will find us barefoot outside and soaking in the sun! I am a proud natural living mama and love showing off my three beautiful "blondies".

I am also the wife to my Irish love, Jason - yes, accent and all - who still makes me blush every single day.

"He Taught Me a New Kind of Love. My Son. My Angel Above,"
Lindsay Gibson, Just Be

Healing is Possible

"Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from a violent rape and attempted murder attack, I endured at 16-years-old, took over not only my mind, but my body and spirit for over thirteen years. The traumatic effects of PTSD were debilitating and I never thought I could heal. Years later, losing my son, Joseph broke my already fragile heart and shattered it to a million pieces. It was within those broken pieces that the light finally started to pour in and I made the bravest decision I have ever had to make - I chose life. I knew I needed to face what happened to me from the rape and begin to heal. Today, I bring that light to girls and women who have endured trauma or grief and bring them back home - to their self - where Love always resides," Lindsay Gibson

Lindsay is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Podcast Host with her beloved husband, Jason and Trauma Healer for Women. She holds a bachelor and graduate degree in Psychology and is currently completing her second graduate degree in English & Creative Writing - specializing in trauma and screenplay. She is equipped with multiple certifications, all the "tools" that she needs to bring healing in the work that she does in coaching, speaking and workshops. She is a 200 hour certified Trauma Yoga Instructor, Women's Health Specialist and Nutritionist and Clinical Aromatherapist. Her ultimate goal is to spread hope, healing and LOVE back into the hearts of girls and women in any way she can.








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