2019 Holiday Series Part II Excerpt

Nov 23, 2019

The Perfect Christmas

Cassie loved Christmas and for years she worked hard to make it perfect for her family but her husband wanted something more from his wife. Something that she was just too exhausted to give - time and attention that he craved - and to see her smile again. She knew she was not giving the marriage 100% and yet, she felt like he didn’t appreciate her efforts. Her efforts for a perfect Christmas were born out of deep hurt many years ago - a hurt that she didn’t want to face, until an accident that would turn her life around.
John had been spending longer and longer nights away at “work” and when Cassie met his new employee, she knew why. But then the unthinkable happened one cold night - Cassie had an accident while taking a walk outside of their daughter's school. She was in a coma at the hospital where John discovered what he had right in front of him as they prayed and held his wife's hand. While sleeping, he saw the pain in his wife's face and knew what he needed to do.
Cassie and John come in full circle to finding what is really needed and what is already perfect without anything they needed to do.
Part II - "The Dress Rehearsal"

Instead of responding to John again, she tucked her phone away and got up to take a walk. Anxiety was brewing and she felt so out of control inside. Stepping outside and into the cold air felt nice, but wasn’t enough to tame the panic. Her list of girlfriends to call to help calm her down ran through her head and for a moment, she couldn’t remember the last time she talked to any of them? Is life really just that busy anymore? It’s not like she hasn’t seen them. She sees them at all the school functions, but when was the last time there was a girl’s night. Realization of all the evites to dinner and drinks by them have been declined more and more. Cassie felt her own guilt begin to bubble. She couldn’t just call them out of the blue and start crying. Not only would that confuse them, but then she would look like a joke to them. Her “perfect” exterior wasn’t so perfect after all. 

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She could almost hear the whispering and gossip. Did you hear about Cassie Davis? Her husband is cheating on her! After all the perfect parties and volunteer work, she just wasn’t enough for her husband. Cassie felt her heart began to pound faster and faster and she quickened her pace. She got all the way to the entrance of the school and turned to get onto the sidewalk. The high school was tucked away in a residential area and this made for nice walks when waiting on school functions.

The sun was setting and almost all the way down, so the few streetlights that were there, were on. A car was approaching and Cassie blinked at it’s bright LED headlights. Such ugly lights. Her focus shifted from where she was walking to the car’s lights and before she could stop or steady herself, she stepped right into a frozen puddle and felt her body jerk backwards. Everything spun and went black.



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