3 Ways to Find Stillness During Christmas

Nov 22, 2019
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas is a one of my favorite times of the year! I love the lights, the colors, the carols and hymns and all the fun we have creating a joyous Christmas for our family and friends. I simply can’t wait to begin.  But, somehow in the flurry of activities, a part of me longs to slow down. To savor the moments of each day before Christmas Day. So I began to search for ways to do that even while creating Christmas at home.

When I wrote my memoir, I learned the value of knowing how to just be, especially after experiencing trauma and grief. I learned that the doors of healing open when I can ‘just be’ with my emotions without judgment.  To find stillness within and know God is present opens the door to peace and joy - which is why I LOVE this devotional journal! 100 days of doodling and inspiration! Give it a try ------->

Just Be Moments

I have created what I call ‘just be moments’ throughout the year, but especially during Advent and Christmas. These moments are ways  of slowing down to savor the smells, the candlelight, the excitement in a child’s eyes, and mostly slowing down enough to breathe in the hope, peace, love and joy that surrounds the real reason for the season, “For unto us a child is born…”. Advent is about ‘coming’ and being still helps us to keep Jesus coming into our hearts at the center of Christmas. Lighting the advent candles each week with your family makes being still enjoyable by all.

Here are 3 ways to be still with your family:

  1. Light one candle each week of the Advent wreath. The first is a purple candle for hope. The second week is another purple candle for peace. The third is a pink candle for love and the fourth week is a purple candle of joy. Each week we light the previous candles ending on Christmas eve with the lighting of the white Christ candle. 
  2. Find readings from scripture that represent each of the candle meanings. Have one member of your family read the verses aloud while another person lights the candle. 
  3. Take a moment to ask what the verse means to each person or if you have little ones, sing a favorite Christmas carol. End your time together with a hugs and time to talk about what you hope for. What brings you peace? What ways we can love one another more? Where do we find joy? You can even have a craft for the child to work on throughout the week to remind him or her of the focus of each week. For older children, you can challenge them to finding ways they can give hope, peace love and joy to others.

If you don’t have an Advent wreath, you can order one here that is simply elegant and can decorate your home beautifully as you anticipate and wait together as a family.



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