5 Signs that your Liver needs LOVE and to Detox

Feb 23, 2020
Liver Health

Your liver is an amazing organ that is the primary filtration system of your body and converts toxins into waste products, cleansing your blood and metabolizing nutrients that provide your body with needed proteins. Whole body regulation is needed to keep your liver functioning at its best that includes both physical and emotional regulation. 

The solar plexus, where the liver is located is the connection and empowerment  to giving and receiving love from the heart to others and yourself as well as connecting to higher spiritual awareness,. So it’s really important to take care of your core.The liver holds emotions such as anger and when anger is stored rather than released this can cause a multitude of physical problems.

A clogged or sluggish liver can present a host of problems from physical diseases to mental problems. Energetic diseases such as tumors of the stomach or small intestine, diabetes, pancreatitis, indigestion, anorexia/bulimia, hepatitis, cirrhosis, adrenal fatigue and deficiencies, arthritis, colon and digestive issues all originate from an unhealthy core of which the liver is the primary filter.

Mental beliefs about your own power, yourself and your place in the world are suppressed when the liver is clogged. You might feel on one day “I can do anything” and the next day “life sucks.” These yo-yo effects that a sluggish liver can have on mental beliefs can really make you feel unbalanced.

The following 5 questions can help you determine how healthy your liver is or if you are holding on to stagnant toxins and energy in the liver that need to be detoxed:

  1. Do you find yourself angry a lot? How do you express and use your anger?
  2. How much blame do you put on others? Yourself?
  3. Do you have a hard time saying no and taking on too much?
  4. Do you often take on other people’s emotional stuff?
  5. Do you find that you are having more difficulty calming down and don’t know why?  

There are lots of ways that people talk about ‘clearing the liver’ but the best way is to simply start taking care of your liver. It can clear itself when we care for the liver with some basics and when it comes to dealing with those difficult emotions like anger. Here are some basics:

  1. Get enough sleep. In Chinese medicine there is a medicine clock called the Horary Clock in which ancient laws tell us what time in the sleep cycle organs rejuvenate. A natural cycle of energy cycles through your body every 24 hours. During sleep the body is active on the inside while we rest on the outside. For the liver energy rejuvenation is between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. Need some help with your sleep struggles? Click here to do my 26 Days to Better Sleep Series!
  2. Control the sweets and processed foods. Yeah, I know, we all love sugar, but this one can really do some damage if eaten in excess. But high consumption of sugar and processed foods will cause obesity and other chronic diseases. By not buying it, you keep your body’s ability to detox easily and your liver healthier. These foods are better left on the grocer’s shelf, not yours. Replace junk food with healthy snacks such as nuts, fruits and veges. If you have to have that piece of chocolate, settle for a semisweet morsel which also is high in antioxidants.
  3. Eat the right kind of foods. Eat foods high in prebiotics such as tomatoes, artichokes, bananas, asparagus, onions, garlic, and oats. Gut health is key to overall health. Foods that are a rich source of fiber that feeds good bacteria are called prebiotic. Good bacteria can diminish and bad bacteria takes over with antibiotics, poor dental health and poor diet. Prebiotic foods build immunity and helps to detox your body naturally. Check out my monthly essential pack for my gut health & more! (you can order each separately too!)
  4. Take in adequate fluids. Drink up a lot of water because water regulates your body temperature and flushes waste out, lubricates your joints, aids digestion and nutrient absorption. Water transports the waste out of your body through urinating, breathing and sweating. Adequate intake is 125 oz daily for men and 91 oz daily for women.
  5.  Limit the alcohol. Alcohol is like putting fuel on the fire for the liver. More than 90% is metabolized in the liver. Excessive drinking can build up fat, damage and scar your liver. When this happens your liver cannot filter and detoxify properly and this leads 

You can learn to keep your liver healthy and become a great filter for your whole body with natural products, nutrition, exercise tips and more! Keeping your liver in good shape so it can serve you throughout your life is essential to keeping disease away, balancing your moods, and maintaining resilience. 

Essential cleansing  body and emotional steps in the spring is the best time to rejuvenate and get ready for the summer plus you will feel good!

Want to dive deeper into clearing body and emotional toxins and clearing your liver? Head on over to Simply Be Well: The L.O.V.E Way for Her course where you will have access to more tips on how to keep your liver and core energy system functioning well and in balance! In the meantime, here are some affirmations that can send positive love to your body.



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