What is the One Thing True Hospitality Needs?

Dec 01, 2019
Heart of Christmas 

I love Christmas. I love everything about it from the Christmas lights to the baby in a manger. I don’t even mind the hustle and bustle of these busy days as we prepare for bringing our families and friends together. We open our doors, our kitchens and our lives inviting people in, so we want to bring a sense of hospitality. But what exactly is true hospitality? And what does it mean to be hospitable? I know that if I’m not careful, I can easily burn out as I get ready for Christmas.

What I’ve found is that as I prepare my home that I want to look at its best, I can get so busy giving that I don’t necessarily prepare my heart to receive. In receiving the love, peace, hope and joy of Christmas, we receive the best of what hospitality is all about. My husband and I decided not long ago…to SLOW… it…down. Savor the moments of December day by day and bring the best of ourselves to our children, friends and family. What we discovered is that true hospitality is about giving and receiving. 

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Hospitality begins in the heart. There are many stories in the bible about hospitality which comes from a heart of love. One story from Luke 10:38-42 tells of two sisters, Mary and Martha. Martha was busy preparing her house for Jesus arrival, so she was doing all the cleaning, decorating and cooking. Meanwhile when Jesus showed up, Mary simply sat at his feet listening to his teachings. Yeah, she didn’t lift a finger. This made Martha upset. You might judge Mary, but a closer look at the story gives us new meaning. Here’s the thing: neither one was wrong, but the lesson I take is that hospitality is about a balance of work and grace. 

When you practice hospitality this way, you bring the best of yourself. As you practice being hospitable with yourself by slowing down and receiving, you are filled up with enough kindness and love that helps others feel cared for in your home. This is the ambience or tone reflected in truly welcoming guests. So what is the ONE thing you need while hosting?

The one necessary thing about hospitality is to bring a balance of giving with the benefit of receiving.

Sometimes women have a hard time with receiving. I know I did. But then I realized that true hospitality welcomes others into my heart and home with the special attention they need and a smile that brightens their day.

Today and throughout this season, take time to prepare your hearts with rest, devotional reading and journaling, share laughter with your family and breathe in love. And as always,

Love…is Everything!

Warm hugs and blessed Season of Christmas.



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