Short Storytelling

The most powerful writing
often comes from confronting challenges
and taboos in life that people have.
Often there is no outlet for their emotions.
Stories help us to release emotions and live into
our highest potential and experience happiness.
As a writer, facing the darkest elements and
secrets within myself and overcoming the negative influences they had in my own life -
has empowered me. I strive to bring empowerment to the reader in everything I write.
Short story writing pushes me to find language that is carefully crafted into a compact story -
like a chef putting ingredients into a dinner for a small, intimate party versus a big event -
sort of like a novel. Short story is the "recipe" that describes events with just the
right amount of emotions from heartache to humor.

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Join my readers club for HER! An ongoing collection of short stories that brilliantly pulls the heartstrings of the reader and most importantly – brings laughter. Each story features a strong female character who radiates strength, warmth, and courage even as she struggles with strife and challenges of loss and betrayal. Ultimately, the character leads her readers through transformation to choose forward with love and to laugh along the journey.

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Why Fiction?

"Fictional storytelling also allows me to let the story unfold in new ways while being free to rewrite and reach beyond the actual events to move the story forward. In this way, the stories bring new insights, shared happiness and laughter to the reader." - Lindsay Gibson

I love fictional storytelling because I can explore life through the eyes of the main character::

  • She is in a dramatic situation and there is a reason for the story to be told through her.
  • There is a trigger that causes her to tell the story.
  • She has a weakness or challenge that is transformed as she leads the reader through the story.
  • Her storytelling leads her to self-revelation.
  • Storytelling has a final dramatic event and the storytelling itself is the greatest accomplishment.

Gibson Family

"The Love in my family inspires all of my writing." - Lindsay Gibson


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