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Christmas is too sparkly - said...NO ONE ever!

Connecticut Setting

Chris and Melanie Bates were the type of newlyweds that we all dream of. After bumping into each other in the gym only two year before they said "I Do" - they fell in love deep and fast. They were always seen together smiling and radiating love to everyone around them. Chris was one of their town's firefights and she was their 10th grade high school English teacher. Both very active in the town's events and so loved. They were quite possibly - the most "perfect" couple. If that even exists? Everything was about to change when tragedy strikes only three months after the wedding.

On the way to work one evening, Chris decided to take the back roads to enjoy a nice country drive. He was singing along to his favorite rock band, music turned up loud when he first smelled it. A smell he knew so well. Smoke. Not wood burning in a firepit type of smoke - but a house was on fire. Knowing he was not in his fireman gear made him hesitate to seek out where the smell was coming from - but the smell was strong, so he knew he was close. After confirming with his Chief that a call was put in, he ignored his boss's warning and headed to the scene. After saving a baby - he never made it back out with the parents. 

Five years has passed and Melanie never went back to the classroom or unpacked a single Christmas decoration again. Her heart was completely broken and the only way she knew how to fix it was move away and start over. In New York City - as the Vice President of Human Resources for a National bookseller. 

This is the story of how she returned home and brought the heart of Christmas back into her life. How she finally was able to heal and the gift that she so unexpectedly was given....and the man who gave it to her.

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nights later -
this story is
finally coming

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