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Lindsay Marie

Hey! I'm Lindsay!

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Writing stories as a little girl was the way I coped with the world around me. At 16, I faced a traumatic event that forever changed who I am and made me into the person I am today, but despite how hard it has been to heal - it didn't take away the storyteller in me. I continued to write throughout all those years I felt lost, bringing my characters to life and using it as my escape. I always knew I would be an author one day, but it wasn't until another tragedy- losing my son, Joseph, in 2013, who was born still - finally ignited my writing career. I began to write my story and didn't stop.


My memoir, Just Be, was published in 2018 and while I always knew I would venture into sweet romance fiction, writing my story was important because for me - it is my ultimate love story.

Why sweet romance? Because stories with happy endings can help us grow as people and help us to be brave in a world that has many distractions, stresses, and where love is often challenged. My passion is to write and share romance that connects my readers with my characters whom they can relate to, smile within my stories and feel encouraged by the love that changes their lives, their relationships and their faith. Just as I wrap love around me every single day since overcoming trauma and grief.

You can connect with me in many ways -Sign up for my monthly newsletter, read my latest blog or if you're a writer like me, listen to my Love is the Reason podcast to help you find strength and more balance as you write!

Fun Facts about Lindsay

Started writing stories when she was a child and pretended to give ‘book talks’ in her room

Was always the one who made everyone laugh or cry with stories in college

Even though she is a New Englander, TexasMex food is her favorite

Born in Dallas and moved to New England when she two years old

As a nutritionist, she loves all the healthy 

recipes - but hates cooking

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