Being a Stay at Home Mama is My First Job

And my most important! I love my days with my girls, exploring, talking, laughing and watching them grow. It is truly the best job (and hardest!) in the world. Winter up here in Connecticut can be tough - but every other season - you will find us barefoot outside and soaking in the sun! I am a proud natural living mama and love showing off my three beautiful "blondies".

I am also the wife to my Irish love, Jason - yes, accent and all - who still makes me blush every single day.

"He Taught Me a New Kind of Love. My Son. My Angel Above,"
Lindsay Gibson, Just Be

Lindsay's Latest Novel News!

So happy you found me!

I am an emerging American Fiction Author who creates female characters emerging from the turmoil of life and relationships to a wholehearted, grounded, and warm-hearted way. My stories courageously and graciously shine the light of hope and connection taking the reader through the enchantment of lasting love along the way.

I am a native New Englander and love the ocean, quaint New England towns, history, and motherhood that are intertwined into my stories along with touches of humor and grace. In my first book and memoir, Just Be you are invited to journey with me in my own life transformation from the wreckage of tragedy to surrendering to love unfolding in the backdrop of my own love story.

My goal in all my stories and books and products is to help all women live life happy. Home is where a woman shares her heart as she gathers family and friends in the home and shares love.

I created my Simply Be Magazine so to introduce you to décor for the home that brings beauty, love and inspiration, tips on living a healthier lifestyle, feel good foods for your mood and more!  

Lindsay’s Studies & Training

  • Undergraduate degree in psychology 
  • Graduate studies child development and birth psychology and trauma
  • Training in environmental & emotional toxins that impact the body from conception
  • Certified as a Woman’s Health Practitioner specializing in pregnancy and postpartum
  • Certified in Clinical Aromatherapy, Nutrition for Mental Health and Trauma Yoga

"Fictional storytelling is a reflective lens -a place to find peace, inspire love and respark hope. These are the heart components of creating a home and family life where love...is everything." - Lindsay Gibson









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