Five Fast Steps to Self-Love

The recovery from my trauma that included: rape, attempted murder and the loss of my son -left me clueless on how to begin my journey of healing.

You see, for over 10 years denial became my ally and the thought of facing my past was an uncharted territory. Not sure of how healing and facing my past would happen, I took a small step - allowing my emotions to surface and cycle through me rather than burying them. It helped, but there was still a missing link. 

I realized that I didn't know how to receive love - not just from others - but how to receive love from myself too. In other words: I wasn't IN LOVE WITH ME!  Are you?

If you have suffered from trauma and loss, being in love with YOU is KEY to keeping your cup full. Loving yourself first comes from the right relationship with your Higher-self - a.k.a the YOU that is always inside of yourself. You can't skip it, you can't find someone who can replace it like a partner or children, and you won't find it in the perfect job. Only you can love yourself in the way that brings you true joy. If you don't have a cup filled with love to draw from, then you will drink from an empty one and have nothing to give.

Without giving yourself the love you deserve or being genuinely IN love with who you are - then you cannot transfer love back out.

Join me in my free online mini-course to learn some quick resources you need to begin this journey of falling IN LOVE WITH YOU after trauma, grief and loss. 



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