Feel Good | Be Happy: VIP Readers Club

If you are looking to improve your health and clear emotional baggage so that you can feel good again and be happy, this PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION gives you more. 

Life is too short not to FEEL GOOD and be HAPPY. Good health in body and mind feeds your soul and helps you to clear mental blocks so you can be happy. You will find inspiration in this unique membership subscription, to help you have choices in your health and be educated in your health with your body, mind and spirit. You will have access to unique nutritional tips for mental wellness, essential oil recipes that help with emotional balance, yoga and meditation exercises.

A 32-page QUICK START GUIDE especially developed to help you get on the right track toward mental wellness includes:

  • The Gut, Body and Trauma
  • Body Scan, Intuitive Connection and Healing
  • Healing the Body and Mind

AND my fictional short stories that bring more LOVE and LAUGHTER to ease your day.  

if you are like me, then getting cozy and reading a good book definitely feels good - BUT the VIP Readers Club is designed to DIVE DEEPER, give you the TOOLS and education to feel BETTER and BE HAPPY. 

So… take a deep breath.  Imagine what it would feel like to…

Feel Good again with my Quick Start Guide.

Receive yummy recipes for better mental health through nutrition. 

Enjoy reading monthly fictional short stories that brings you LIGHTER SIDE of life, LAUGH more and be HAPPY.

Be inspired with Body/Mind/Spiritual Wellness tips 

Be supported in a private supportive circle to ask questions and explore.

Feel connected and cared for within a Beautiful, supportive community connected by a desire to expand personal growth and be with others to share stories.

Join the FEEL GOOD | BE HAPPY: VIP Readers Club today!

  • Monthly fictional short stories of “Two Tots and a Teen”  written by Lindsay - 
  • Jump Start Guide to Mental Health Nutrition, Natural Wellness & Toxic-Free Living!
  • Monthly recipes specific for Mental Health Nutrition
  • Yoga/Meditation Videos
  • Group Discussion for Q & A’s

 A monthly subscription to help you Feel Good and Be Happy.

BONUS: Detox Your Mind, Body & Home Course!


Chronic stress builds up in your bodies and clouds your mind. Your body holds onto every thought, feeling and experience that you have. When your emotions and experiences cause stress, it can become chronic - and your body begins to break down. 

You might feel:

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Aches
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • ...just to name a few!

Your serotonin a.k.a "feel good hormone" is 90% created in your gut. This becomes compromised when inflammation from stress increases. Inflammation occurs naturally in your body, but when it goes on for too long (from chronic stress) - it triggers the symptoms above and more! 

That’s why I developed this unique subscription and giving you this bonus.  In it you will:

Receive tips on how to manage stress, rebuild your resiliency and restore your health and happiness with:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Mental Health Nutrition/Herbs/Supplements 
  • Yoga Healing Techniques
  • Gut-Brain Microbiome Balancing
  • Mind-Body Emotional Support
  • Eco-Green Lifestyle for Your Home & Family
  • DIY Sunday's - with natural ingredients

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