Motherhood, Mental Health & Your Career

For Better Writing

As an author who continues to write, I have my challenges. 
Being a mama of three girls takes ENERGY. If I am not mentally balanced, it affects EVERYTHING. It’s easy to become unbalanced trying to be a good mother and continue to create quality work.  Birthing my children taught me that when I am POSITIVE and have good ENERGY - then my mind is clear and my intuition is at its best. Like birthing babies, writing requires focus and tuning into your intuition.

There are many ways to clear emotions and feelings that can block intuition. I choose Natural health that includes NUTRITION specifically designed for mental health and essential oils have been my go-to as I strive for balance. Nutrition has always been a passion! I grew up on healthy, whole-food meals that came from mom’s garden. So, I knew when I began to heal from toxic emotions, FEEDING MY BODY the right food was key. 

Another natural approach to my health and the health of my family is the proper use of Essential Oils which are amazing! They can be used in so many ways from cleaning your house to supporting health when you are sick with a cold or flu to helping you clear toxic thoughts and emotions! They also greatly reduce stress and improve sleep and rest. I use a special essential oil recipe that helps me when I write to be clear minded. 

My work and mothering my children are done best with a quiet mind and reduced stress that block my intuition and my ability to ENJOY my life. Careers and mothering can be stressful if we let it. Both require a clear mind, focus and positive emotions to meet the stress and challenges of each day.  Bottom line…


And here’s the thing: it doesn’t take much stress from daily living and a toxic environment for the body to break down and thus keep you from HAPPINESS AND
MENTAL WELLNESS…and from being at your BEST!

That’s why I created my PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION to help you find emotional balance so you can FEEL GOOD AND BE HAPPY!

Embrace Natural Mental Wellness and Healing. Give YOURSELF the gift of  MENTAL HEALTH …

  • LIVE more joyfully
  • LOVE more deeply
  • LAUGH more often
  • FEEL all your feelings without guilt
  • BREAK FREE from feeling bad all the time.

NATURAL MENTAL WELLNESS  is a journey that is individually tailored and unique, yet we need community to be inspired, learn, laugh, love and support one another. 

Let me show you how to FEEL GOOD AGAIN and get there faster so your life and health will shine!


"Healthy living has been my way of regaining my power after so much of me has been violated and losing my son, Joseph," Lindsay Gibson, Just Be: Steps to Healing Trauma

Healthy Mind

  • To have mental clarity - to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • To be in the presence and at peace, not to worry and think positive thoughts and build resilience.
  • To be able to watch your thoughts and see yourself as separate from them and think before action.
  • To have a strong sense of self and to think for ones self. 
  • To be able to handle and stay in control of your emotions as they always will change.
  • To live life in such a way that you are conscious of your thoughts, words and actions, knowing that they hold great power and influence over your life and others.
  • To take time to calm the mind and just be.

Healthy Body

  • To respect your body as the home of your spirit and treat it as such!
  • To eat as naturally and close to the source as possible. 
  • To not have to think too deeply about food and complicate food. To have a sense of knowing what feels right to ingest.
  • To enjoy food! To not have feelings of guilt, shame, anxiety, or stress over eating something or not eating something. Same with exercise.
  • To relax and rest when needed. To get a good nights sleep. Naps are great too!
  • To stay hydrated.
  • To exercise regularly. Get up and get moving doing whatever you love and whatever makes you feel refreshed, energized and alert.

Healthy Spirit

  • To keep an open mind and be accepting of others beliefs and values, even if they are different than ones own.
  • To be humble and to know that your knowledge is like a grain of sand in the infinite universe.
  • To love yourself, so that you can do better to love others.
  • To work at discovering who you really are, your true self and seek to remove hindrances to allowing that true self to exist.
  • To be generous and giving.
  • To forgive - yourself, others and fate.
  • To acknowledge your inner darkness, embrace it and not run from it or deny it. To learn from this darkness and use it as a catalyst for your greatness, molding you into what you were destined to be.



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